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Click bait titles and CWD--no need click, no need to be afraid

So we sit here and talk about all things deer; from antler point restrictions, habitat improvement, preparation for hunting seasons, shed hunting, the latest and greatest gear and of course health and herd management--one important headline that turns heads in recent times is the "Zombie deer" headlines seen in mainstream media to catch the attention of hunters and non hunters alike. Responsible reporting doesn't link click bait headlines to real issues. It is more important than ever before to educate non hunters on this subject because non factual data as seen in recent mainstream media spreads like wildfire.

The use of "Zombie deer disease" by the media is the perfect example of the use of click bait and to gear up fear among social media and people who are not in the know of current wildlife and deer herd health issues. Don't get me wrong here---CWD (Chronic waste disease) deserves attention just not the attention based on sensationalism and speculation. There is nothing zombie-like about this real disease. As of this date, CWD has never been transmitted to humans, there is no evidence on record that it has crossed the species barrier and at this point there is no evidence it ever will. Let's be responsible deer stewards and partners in conservation when we see the click bait. Educate all with the correct information. Please visit for up to date scientific based real reporting on this disease and encourage others to do so.

Let's put an an to spreading fake news and click bait. No "zombie deer disease" here, carry on...

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Unknown member
Feb 28, 2019

DNR should ban click baiting! lol

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